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Asbestos removal costs vary depending on the extent of the work to be done. Many contractors have a minimum fee of $ to $1,, no matter how small the job. Asbestos abatement costs for a typical single-family home usually run anywhere from $2, to $15, These costs certainly add to a renovation, but are. Should you, or the homeowner, remove asbestos shingles or siding boards? But when it comes to asbestos removal by professionals, it's another story.

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You may or may not choose to have an asbestos test performed beforehand. An expert test can cost as little as ​$​ or as much as ​$​, with the average at. Asbestos shingle removal cost ranges from $40 - $ per square meter and is influenced by the asbestos type, location and accessibility. How much does asbestos roof tile removal cost? Here's an in-depth guide about the costs involved in the removal of asbestos roof tiles.


Asbestos siding removal is pretty expensive so you have to first gather information about the different factors that could impact its cost before executing. Asbestos siding is durable and generally not as hazardous as asbestos pipe or boiler insulation. Although some contractors insist on removing the siding before. Asbestos Removal Cost · To remove asbestos shingles, you might pay upwards of $ per square foot. · For asbestos ceiling tile removal, you can expect around $