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A grant to help pay for essential costs, such as food, gas, electricity, clothing or emergency travel if you: You cannot use it to pay for ongoing bills that. For Emergency Rental Assistance provided under the Consolidated Appropriations Act (ERA1). Past and future rent and utilities payments generally may not exceed. In this time of national emergency, assistance is available to help with mortgage, rent, and utilities. The options below offer different levels of.

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One-time $1, payments for emergency expenses · Original text. Apply for Benefits · Child Support Program provides help in accessing financial support from a child's parent. · Emergency Assistance is available to families. Benefits: Under ERAP, eligible households could qualify for up to eighteen (18) months of rental arrears and/or future rent with no dollar limit, as well as.

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You may qualify for financial assistance if you are struggling to pay your mortgage or rent. Federal, state, and local governments are offering help with. WV INCOME MAINTENANCE MANUAL. Emergency And Special Assistance Programs. 7/ - - 6. -. Any payments made to volunteers under Title II. You may be able to get help if you cannot pay your bills because you lost your job, you are getting less pay from your job, or you had another emergency like an.