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Small payments made to facilitate routine government action, typically known as facilitation payments, are not permitted under the Bribery Act. Facilitation payments are defined as a payment or gift given (usually to a government official) to cause him or her to perform a routine duty or function. The Head Office Ethics and Compliance Team will maintain and update this guidance as required. 2. Facilitation Payments. What is a Facilitation Payment? Our.

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Facilitation Payments in International Business: A Proposal to Make Section of the Criminal Code Workable. March ; The Australian law journal. What is a Facilitation payments? The School has a zero tolerance approach to all forms of fraud and bribery, employees and. This is a case study for business owners on how to identify and respond to a request for a facilitation payment.

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Facilitation payments. A facilitation payment is a type of bribe and should be seen as such. A common example is where a government official is given money or. A facilitation payment is a small bribe known as a 'grease payment' or a 'speed payment' typically solicited to facilitate or expedite the performance of a. “Facilitation payment” is the term often given to an illegal or unofficial payment made in return for services which the payer is legally entitled to receive.