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The mast or derrick is a component of hoist equipment of a drilling rig. It is serve as a support for the crowblock, cables (drilling lines) and traveling block. Drilling Rig Components · Crown Block and Water Table · Catline Boom and Hoist Line · Drilling Line · Monkeyboard · Traveling Block · Top Drive · Mast · Drill Pipe. A drill rig is a collection of moving parts and components that are usually working in less then desirable conditions. So equipment failure is an inevitable.

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Prime Movers. Prime movers are also known as power system of a rotary drilling rig as they provide power to the entire rig. · Hoisting Equipment: · Rotating. This system mainly includes swivel, Kelly, rotary drive and rotary table. The working principle of rotation system is the Kelly, which is connected to the drill. The main part of the rotary system are as follows: Swivel, Rotary hose, Kelly, Rotary drive (master pushing, kelly pushing), Rotary table and Drilling string.

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Drilling rigs and rig types. Rig components · 1. Tongs · 2. Iron Roughneck · 3. Slips · 4. Bit breakers · 5. Lift Nipples · 6. Mud bucket · 7. Elevators · 8. Safety. The rotary system on a drilling rig is the system that causes the drill bit rotate at the bottom of wellbore. We have discussed some components of the. This module introduces the rig components designed to rotate and handle the drill string and bottomhole assemblies used to drill oil and gas wells.